Thư giãn cuối tuần: When you say nothing at all


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Explanations :

RIGHT TO= Straight to, directly to.

HEART= /hɑ:*t/

LIGHT UP= Illuminate, bring light to it.

TRY AS I MAY= However I try…, it doesn’t matter how hard I try…

LETS ME KNOW THAT= Tells me that…, informs me that…

SAYING= Which says.
This is what we called a “reduced relative clause”: the –ing form takes the place of the relative connector + the verb.
– The man who is talking is my brother = The man talking is my brother
– The lady who lives upstairs comes from France = The lady living upstairs comes from France
– The bike that flies was my invention = the flying bike was my invention
– The Sleeping beauty = the beauty who sleeps

WHEREVER= In any place, no matter where.

NOTHING AT ALL= Absolutely nothing.
We use “at all” to emphasize negative and interrogative sentences:
– I don’t like it at all (it emphasizes my dislike)
– Have you got any Italian friends at all? (I’m emphasizing the whole question, as if having Italian friends is something not very probable)

ALL DAY LONG= All through the day, all the time during the day, the 24 hours.

DROWN= /draʊn/ To drown is to die because you are under water and you can’t breathe. It may also be transitive:
– The ship crashed and everybody drowned (intransitive)
– Stop holding me, you’re going to drown me! (transitive)
In the song, “drown” has a figurative sense. YOU DROWN OUT THE CROWD means that your presence makes the noise from the crowd disappear, their image, their sound, goes out of my mind in the ocean of peace and love I feel when I’m with you.

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